conpal LAN Crypt 2Go v3.0 release notes

conpal LAN Crypt 2Go v3.0 introduces a couple of new features and improvements. The new version adds support for a keyring for password-based keys. Earlier versions did not keep track of passphrases used. Every password (and the derived key) that is used in the app is now stored in a key-ring. Once stored, keys can be re-used, both for the encryption of files as well as for the decryption of files.

The keyring is shared between all parts of the app (command-line, UI, Outlook add-in):



The below listed platforms have been tested and are officially supported.

Platforms supported



Windows 10 or newer (all Client Editions)



macOS 11 or newer (Apple M1 and Intel)



Debian 11 or newer



Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or newer




 New in conpal LAN Crypt 2Go v3.0

·          Keyring support in command-line app

·          Kerying support in UI app

·          Keyring support in Outlook add-in (Windows only)

·          ‘Show Password’ option (Windows and macOS only)


Changes in 3.0

§  macOS: the path to the command line application has changed to:
/Applications/LAN Crypt



Bugfixes in v3.0



New known issues



Manuals, documentation and support

At registered customers with active maintenance contracts get access to downloads, documentation and knowledge items.


Client product documentation at in German language in English language



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